Marathon series part 1: You can do it!

The iconic race

The marathon is one of the last great adventures of our time. An adventure that will bring all those who embark on it to their physical limits. No matter if you’re a competitive athlete aiming to cross the finish line in under two and a half hours, or you’re a recreational jogger whose dream is simply to finally complete a marathon, finishing that gruelling distance will be a monumental achievement. One that will stay with you forever.

Marathon – just like that?

No one runs a marathon “just like that”. A prerequisite for a successful marathon is proper preparation over several months. A marathon is a long way, and you’ll almost certainly get a sense of that towards the end! Sometimes we see the huge crowds of people participating in popular marathons and we imagine the marathon is a kind of mass event where anyone with a pair of running shoes and a bit of training behind them can just join in. Quite the contrary! Every participant who reaches the finish line is well prepared according to his or her personal goals and capabilities.

Everyone can do it

Many people who have never run a marathon think running 42.2 kilometres/26.2 miles in one go is a herculean – perhaps even impossible – task. For an unfit person even cycling this distance might be a challenge. But never underestimate what extraordinary mechanisms of adaption your body has at its disposal once subjected to appropriate exertion in training. The marathon is a huge goal but an achievable goal.

Training with go!coach

Our training plans will put you on the right path to your personal goal – no matter if you are looking to complete your first marathon or you’re an old hand in pursuit of a new personal record. Just try it out and register for a free, four-week trial.