Press release (June 12, 2015)

go!coach Announces Expansion With New English Version of Successful Training System

Unique & Effective Training Experiences for Runners & Triathletes

Germany – go!coach, the customizable running and triathlon online training system, announced today that it has launched an English language version. Previously, go!coach only provided training plans in German.

No matter the skill level – beginner, marathon, full distance triathlete, or anywhere in between – go!coach’s training system helps individuals achieve their athletic goals. The go!coach experience includes tailor-made weekly training plans using the athlete´s personal training routes and heart-rate ranges, a handy training log and customizable stats, personal interaction and support from real coaches, and more at an affordable price.

“Our training system is based on algorithms, but we have a dedicated team of real coaches behind-the-scenes to help athletes manage their training plans, keep them motivated and on track to accomplishing their goals”, said go!coach CEO and triathlete Andreas Oschmann who has trained several German, European and World champions in different age classes with go!coach.

The go!coach website provides athletes with convenient access to their progress reports, and plans are adjusted on a weekly basis based on those results. The training system also takes the athlete´s race calendar and goal times into account and generates optimized training plans that help the performance peak on the race day.

“We are proud of the fact that go!coach has been used to successfully prepare for thousands of races, from 5K races to marathons, to sprint and full distance triathlons”, added Oschmann. “And it brings us great pleasure to be able to extend our reach in the running and triathlete community to provide training plans in English.”

A free four-week trial is available to new users, with access to the system’s full suite of features. At the completion of the trial period, memberships are just $19.90 (USD) per month. For more information about go!coach, to review testimonials, or to get started on building a personalized training plan, visit

About go!coach

Established in 2000, go!coach is an interactive, dynamic software-based training system that generates customized weekly training plans for runners and triathletes of all levels. As one of the most popular and successful online training systems in the German market, go!coach is now available in English. For more information, go to