Our story

The runner, triathlete and author Andreas Oschmann from Hagen, Germany had the idea of using software as means of generating personalized training plans as early as 1983. He understood back then the powerful potential that existed in combining the results of cutting-edge sports science research and the number-crunching abilities of computers.

His careful study of training theory and the feedback of a large number of active go!coach sportsmen and women has ensured that the go!coach algorithms have become more and more sophisticated and accurate over the years. Today go!coach has among its customers several German, European and World champions in different age classes. It has attained its athletes countless personal bests. go!coach has been up and running in English since February 2015.

The history of go!coach


Start of development of the computer running program ICLP with the help of a computer scientist friend.


First public presentation in Herdecke, Germany. The first customers sign up. Questionnaires and training plans are sent by post.


Diverse publications appear in the trade press. Andreas Oschmann appears as author of numerous articles in diverse publications.

1990 The training system becomes available in Austria and Switzerland.
1998 go!coach introduces training plans for duathletes & triathletes.


The decision is made to offer the training system internationally under the name go!coach on the Internet. The start of development of the Internet platform.


On August 5, 2000 www.go-coach.com goes online.


Continuous development of the algorithms for the training plans and a growing large and happy customer base. Several awards in online reviews of coaching systems.

Dec. 2014

go!coach launches its new website with many improvements in terms of graphics, functionality and usability.

Feb. 2015

The English version of go!coach is ready to go!