This is how you benefit from go!coach

Weekly customized training plans

100% tailor-made training is at the heart of go!coach: we consider your personal requirements, your current training load and your race goals to design the perfect running or triathlon training plan for you, using your personal training routes. Your weekly plans are generated by our powerful training software. We started developing our algorithms in 1983 and we are constantly optimizing them, drawing on current sport-science research as well as our huge wealth of experience gained from over three decades of working with runners and triathletes.

For beginners & competitive athletes

go!coach offers everyone the ability to achieve their sporting success. Are you just getting started with running? Our training plans for those starting out will bring big performance improvements in a short time. Or are you trying to finally nail that elusive personal best? Our plans for competitive athletes will find you the optimal path for getting there.

Optimal race preparation

Excited about the upcoming race calender? Whether you're planning to compete in a marathon, half marathon, 10k, half/full distance, olympic or sprint triathlon... or any other race distance, go!coach is the right place for you! Our training system will take your race calendar into account and make sure that your performance peaks on that important race day. We have coached thousands of succesful race preparations and are looking forward to helping you achieve your race goal times.

Personal coach support

We don´t let you alone with your training. With go!coach you have a team of training experts on your side. Contact us any time for quick help!

Handy training log and stats

Log your completed sessions in your personal training logbook. This is a convenient way to keep track of your training. Your subsequent plans will update in response to your current training performance. Customizable statistics and graphs allow you to easily monitor your progress.

Optimal race preparation

Free 4-week trial

We offer you a free, 4-week fully functional trial to extensively test go!coach and get used to our training system. It´s easy, intuitive and produces results! After your trial, and only if you don´t cancel you membership beforehand, we charge $19.90 USD per month. If you don't wish to continue with go!coach, just contact us at any time via our contact form and we'll cancel your account without charging your credit card and with no other questions asked.

Further questions? Check our FAQ or click here to send us a message and we'll gladly help you out!